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The right food

It is essential that pets are fed the correct diet for their lifestage and we can advise and supply the best foods for your pets. Like us, our pets are what they eat.  Whilst they may survive on a poor diet, a correctly balanced diet is required for optimum health.


Commercial v Natural Diets, dry or wet?

Dogs and cats are not mini-humans and it is virtually impossible to give animals a balanced diet by feeding them human food and it may even be harmful. Feeding raw diets has become fashionable but some serious diseases can be transmitted in raw foods some which are tranmisable to man such as E.coli, Campylobactor and Toxoplasmosis. In theory a diet as close to that the animal would eat in the wild is ideal but for the vast majority this is impractical, so a commercially available pet food is the realistic option.  As a rule, dry dog and cat food is better than moist simply because it costs less to produce but there are still some poor dry foods.


Is it worth paying for a more expensive food?

The answer is usually but not always. As with most things in life, the more you pay the better it is but be wary: the most expensive shop bought moist foods are designed to be more attractive and acceptable to pet owners, not more nutritious. Because they need to eat less of it, the daily cost of feeding your pet a top brand dry food may surprise you - it is often little more than using a supposedly cheaper variety.


Watch those pounds!

As in humans, obesity is becoming an epidemic in our dogs and cats usually because their lifestyle doesn’t require as much energy as if they were working dogs or active outdoor cats but their instinct is to keep eating which means if we keep providing that food we are literally killing them with kindness. Be wary of giving in to a healthy pet that won't eat its food. Basically it means it's not hungry and by offering something else you are tempting it to eat food it doesn't need which may result in an unhealthy, unbalanced diet and unwanted weight gain. We don't often see thin fussy pets!


What food for my pet's lifestage and where to find it?

There is a lot of target marketing in the pet food industry but supermarkets tend to concentrate on cheaper, lower quality foods they can sell in high volumes, better pet shops sell a wider range of better quality diets but vets, as well as being the best source of advice, usually only stock the best quality foods and some of these are exclusive to the veterinary market and better than their shop bought counterparts.


Some things seem obvious: you feed kittens on kitten food, puppies on puppy food, adult pets on adult pet food and older pets on senior pet food, but it is not quite that simple. Premium diets are designed to provide your pets with the exact nutritional requirements for their life-stage which is usually much more subtle than the mass-market brands and some have breed specific diets to cater for problems which occur more in certain breeds and even differentiate between neutered and un-neutered animals fed on these your pets don’t need anything else other than a bowl of water. If you look critically at the condition of a pet that is fed solely on a premium quality food you will honestly notice the difference in coat condition, reduced flatulence and smaller volumes of firm faeces, and  even less objective things like vitality, cold wet noses and  sparkling eyes! But it is also the hidden benefits that count. Your pet will have a healthier and longer life with less digestive and dental problems and fewer vet’s bills! Now doesn’t that make sense?


We stock a complete range of Royal Canin foods at competitive prices. We believe Royal Canin offers the best choice and most nutritious pet foods available and are even able to offer a money-back guarantee if your pet doesn't like it. We can supply all other brands on request.


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