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Caring for your pets

Good veterinary care is not cheap but we believe that our charges are fair across the board and offer exceptional value for money. Unlike many vets, we won't quote unsustainable loss leader prices on consultations, vaccines and routine surgery just to get you through the door and we will not charge more for drugs and non-routine or emergency procedures when you're a captive audience to compensate for low up-front charges.  We will always offer the best possible care and will not cut corners to cut costs but will let you decide what's best for your pets.


We do not overbook consultations so we will have more time to care for your pets and will nearly always be able to offer you an appointment time of your choice the same day. We will not make you feel rushed and unless there are exceptional circumstances you will not be kept waiting. You will always have a minimum 10 minute consultation, in most cases (especially with a first consult or vaccine) considerably more. 


If your pet has to be admitted for treatment or surgery he/she will be allocated his/her own dedicated nurse and recovery kennel with fresh, warm bedding and continual monitoring until fully recovered. However minor your pet's surgery is he/she will be intubated and placed on oxygen and closely monitored with sophisticated monitoring equipment. Surprisingly not all vets offer this level of care.


More than anything, your pets will benefit from Mr Atkinson's 40 years of experience at the forefront of veterinary science. We believe this is invaluble.


If you wish to know our current charges for all procedures please call the clinic on 01895 444400. If you believe you may not be able to afford veterinary fees please call us first so we can discuss alternatives.


We are able to offer FREE cat neutering on the C4 scheme if you are looking after a stray, are a student, on benefit or a low wage earner. Terms and conditions apply.


St Martins Veterinary Clinic

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In case of emergency call: 01895444400 

Please note that out of hours you will normally be directed by an answer phone message to Vetsnow. Please follow this link for further details and their advice and guidance.


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We collect and store personal data to identify clients in order to provide your pets with the best possible care. To view the basis on which we collect and store data and your rights relating to this please click on this link.


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